November 07-10, 2018


The Williamsburg Hotel




Over 100 Professional Speakers

BROOKLYN TECH WEEK / Startup Conf and Expo

Future of Tech – The impact of Big Data, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Crypto, and STEM.

#BkTechWk, A four-day gathering of tech startups, investors, policymakers, data scientist, gamers and educators converging to share best practices, big discoveries on the future of tech. Register now!

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Exhibit at Brooklyn Tech Week and access New York City’s largest tech ecosystem. Launch your startup, build awareness and traction. Established brands create excitement, engagement, and build community with a curated audience. Exhibiting provides the opportunity to get in front of key decision-makers, early adopters, and media. #BkTechWk is the future of tech.

Who Should Attend

Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, investor, career seeker, student, corporate or member of the press register for Brooklyn Tech Week. Get connected to startups, early adopters, and unique partnership opportunities. Gain access to premier events where you learn, discover and connect with sought-after innovators.

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Conference / Event Schedule A glance

Nizer Saunders, Emerick Patterson

Opening Introductions

Opening remarks with Nizer Saunders of Brooklyn Tech Week; Emerick Patterson, Head of Operations of Heritage Equity Partners/Bushwick Generator; sponsors and partners.

Women in Blockchain Networking Breakfast

Brooklyn Tech Week, in partnership with NYC Fintech Women and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, welcome women to the Female Leaders in Blockchain private breakfast from 8:15am - 8:45am. You will
Charlie O’Donnell

Keynote: Charlie O’Donnell, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Charlie O'Donnell delivers his keynote on day-one at the inaugural Brooklyn Tech Week. Charlie has been an active member of the NYC startup community for over a decade. Founder at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures.
Brandon Andrews

Lightyear Venture Talks

Where creativity and human investment powers the FUTURE OF TECH. Join us for a deep-dive analyzing the definitive role of today’s investor. Moderator: Brandon Andrews - Values Partnerships Panelists:
  • Brittany
Doug Petkanics

Guest Speaker: Doug Petkanics, Livepeer

Doug Petkanics, Co-founder of Livepeer, joins us as a Blockchain Crypto Summit guest speaker here at Brooklyn Tech Week where the future of tech is scaling at lightspeed.
Sam Cassatt

Keynote: Sam Cassatt, CSO, ConsenSys

Sam Cassatt, Chief Strategy Officer at ConsenSys the leading blockchain Ethreum company in the emerging tech space, provides directions and clarity on the State of Ethereum.  
Jake Brukhman

A New Form of Capital

Discussion: Building out new infrastructure for investment and network participation Moderator: Jake Brukhman, CEO, CoinFund (Starts out with a 10-minute State of Union) Panelists:
  • Jake Brukhman / Founder, CoinFund  
Matt Melbourne

Lunch with Blockchain Projects

Startup presentations (3-min) pitch on product growth, traction and value. Introduction by Matt Melbourne of Republic. Startup presentations:
  • Soluna
  • Bundil
  • Afri
  • Quarters
Amanda Gutterman

Women’s Leadership Panel

Educate Inspire Lead

Women Leadership Forum focuses on the empowerment of women in tech, business, and investment. Keynote by Amanda Gutterman, CMO of ConsenSys. Moderator: Samara Karasyk - Executive VP and Chief
Arnell Milhouse, Daniele Osorio, Anne Griffen, Andy Chorlian

State of the dApps

Discussion on the state of dApps. Moderator: Arnell Milhouse - CEO, CareerDevs Panelists:
  • Daniele Osorio - Dir. Global Partnerships, Infura
  • Anne T. Griffen - Product Manager, OpenLaw
Michelle Tran

Panel: Institutional Investing

Moderator: Michelle Tran, NYC FinTech Women Panelists:
  • Glenn Barber - Chief Institutional Officer, Voyager
  • Omid Malekan - Author, The Story of Blockchain
Michelle Tran, Thomas Klocanas, Maggie Hsu, Jay Thakrar

State of Security Tokens

Moderator: Michelle Tran, NYC FinTech Women Panelists:
  • Thomas Klocanas - Meridio
  • Maggie Hsu - Fluidity
  • Jay Thakrar - Token Foundry
Dazza Greenwood, Jesse Grushack, Jesse Kirshbaum


Music Business and Blockchain Decentralizing the business of music covering topics such as transparency, fair pay, control over data, transactions and artists fans access. Moderator: Dazza Greenwood, Panelists:
  • Jesse

PITCHNADO – Pitch Event

PITCHNADO! Start cold, pitch hot, startups make their mark. Founders come to pitch the value of their business to savvy investors, advisors, and peers. Test your MVP, challenge your understanding

Women in Blockchain Networking Breakfast

Brooklyn Tech Week, in partnership with NYC Fintech Women and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, welcome women to the Female Leaders in Blockchain private breakfast from 8:15am - 8:45am. You will
Sean Merriweather, Miram Ebrahim, Ana Olivera

Leadership Panel

Moderator: Sean Merriweather, VP, Product Marketing, Publicis Media Panelists:
  • Miram Ebrahim - CEO, Common Connect App
  • Ana Olivera - Senior VP Retail Market Exec., Investors Bank
Katya Dorozhkina

Fundraising in the New Economy

Fundraising in the new economy from the perspective of startups and investors. Speaker:
  • Katya Dorozhkina - Founding Partner, Strata Ventures
Lewis Cohen, Kevin Parulekar, Brian Farber, Ron Kim

State of Utility Tokens

Discussion on the regulation and state of the token economy. Moderator: Lewis Cohen Panelists:
  • Kevin Parulekar - Business Development Director, OST
  • Brian Farber - Legal Counsel at ConsenSys Digital Securities and
Arnell Milhouse, Luke Duncan, Pat Rawson

How to DAO

Moderator: Arnell Milhouse, CEO, CareerDevs Panelists:
  • Luke Duncan - Aragon
  • Pat Rawson - Communications Director, DAOStack

Opening Introductions

9:00 - 9:15 am Opening Remarks with Nizer Saunders, Emerick Paterson, Camille Hoisington. 9:15 - 9:20 am 5-minute introduction with Interim NYC CTO, Alby Bocanegra.

Keynote: Toby Moskovits

Keynote with Toby Moskovits, CEO of Heritage Equity Partners

Leaders Shaping Brooklyn’s Future

Hear from key leaders creating the foundation for a tech-enabled Brooklyn. Moderator: Alyssa Zahler Panelists:
  • Toby Moskovits - Heritage Equity
  • Alyssa Zahler /   

Lunch w/ Urban Tech Startup Presentations

Startup presentations (3-min) pitch on product growth, traction and value. Moderator: Matt Melbourne of Republic Start-ups Speakers from:
  • Rentlogic
  • Sapiens
  • Taform
  • Avvir

Removing Friction from Urban Tech & Civic Engagement

Overcoming public-private friction to speed up urban innovation. Hosted by Simon Sylvester Chaudhuri, the founder of Civ:Lab. Speakers:
  • Amy Chen - NYC MediaLab
  • Jim Saber - Next Energy
  • Jonathan Lane -

Urban AgTech as Decentralized Food

What is the potential – and limitations – for the latest technology in indoor farming to create a more decentralized food system? Introduction by: Ricky Stephens, AgTech-X Moderated by: Wythe Marschall, AgTech-X Speakers:
  • Rob

Smart Cities and Big Data

Big Data’s impact on urban population. Guest Speaker: Ro Gupta of Carmera Moderator: Josh Brustein 5-minute overview, followed by fireside chat with Josh Burstein.

The Future of Mobility

Exploring how mobility and emergent technology will shape our cities. Moderator: Rodrigo Bautista of Forum for the Future Speakers:
  • Rachel Haot - Transit Innovation Partnership
  • Stephen Smyth - CEO, Coord
  • Jessie

L-Train Solutions Panel

MTA shares the background and solutions on the L-Train tunnel reconstruction. Discussions with Joshua Gee of MTA Technology and Kaitlin McCready of MTA New York City Transit.

Decentralizing the Energy Grid

Learn about trends and technology goals from innovators actively working in the field to decentralize urban energy. Moderated by: Norma Byron Speakers:
  • Tony Daniels - Cycle Architecture + Planning
  • Nick Baudouin

Built Environment Panel

Built Environment Panel Moderator: Rodrigo Bautista, Forum for the Future Speakers:
  • Allison Dring - Made of Air
  • Mitchell Joachim - Terreform
  • Dazza Greenwood - MIT Media Lab

Startup Econ

STARTUP ECON:  A full day of immersive learning, big connections, and events geared for entrepreneurs to gain access to resources, capital, networking, and partnership development. Startups receive a world-class accelerated learning

BK Urban Hackathon

Join us for the Inaugural

Brooklyn Tech Week Urban Hackathon

November 9th - 10th

At the Bushwick Generator. 

In the spirit of

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BTW Keynote Speakers

Toby Moskovits

CEO, Heritage Equity Partners

Toby Moskovits is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Equity Partners, a woman-owned real estate and development firm specializing in mixed-use development in the New York metro region. The company’s fast-growing portfolio is comprised of unique, contextualized buildings in some of New York’s outer borough neighborhoods. In addition to the two-million square feet of commercial and residential

Amanda Gutterman

CMO, ConsenSys

Amanda is also the founder of ConsenSys Catalyst, a marketing agency with expertise building blockchain brands. (more…)

Jake Brukhman

Managing Director & CEO, CoinFund

A blockchain-focused cryptofund, one of the worlds first diversified-portfolios of cryptoassets. (more…)

Sam Cassatt

Chief Strategy Officer at ConsenSys

Sam defines company-wide strategy regarding business models in the rapidly expanding blockchain economy. (more…)

Charlie O’Donnell

Founder, at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

The fund makes seed and pre-seed investments and was the first venture firm located in Brooklyn  (more…)

Doug Petkanics

Founder and CEO at Livepeer

Doug is Founder and CEO at Livepeer, where he focuses on protocol research and software development. (more…)

BTW Speakers

Yossi Hasson

Managing Director, TechStars

Yossi co-founded Africa’s largest crypto investment-fund, Onchain. (more…)

Irina Pavlova

Former President, Onexim Sports and Entertainment

Brooklyn Nets NBA team, Barclays Center multi-purpose arena

  • Isaac Councill

    VP Engineering, Oscar Health

    Isaac is responsible for all Software and Site Reliability Engineering teams.

    Brittany Laughlin

    Partner at Lattice Ventures

    Lattice Ventures, an NYC seed fund focused on edge tech, network effects-driven companies.

    Preeti Pandey Adhikary

    VP of Marketing, Fusemachines

    Fusemachines is an AI solutions and services provider. Her expertise are in Marketing, Operations, Client Management

    Loune Calixte

    CEO, Patch Benefit

    Loune worked in investment banking at Nomura Securities and strategy consulting at EY.

    Ron Kim

    New York State Assembly

    As the son of immigrant small business owners, Ron grew up watching and helping

    Emerick Patterson

    Entrepreneur in Residence at Heritage Equity Partners

    Emerick Patterson Entrepreneur in Residence at Heritage Equity Partners, a Venture Real Estate Development

    Stephen Smyth

    CEO and co-founder of Coord

    Coord, a developer platform for the mobility market

    Katya Dorozhkina

    Managing Partner at Starta Ventures

    Starta group mission is to empower startups with European R&D roots to break into

    Brandon Andrews

    Co-Founder of GAUGE

    GAUGE; an AI-driven mobile market research platform fundamentally changing the way successful companies make

    Sundeep Rangan

    Professor, Associate Director NYU WIRELESS

    NYU WIRELESS, an industry-academic research center on next-generation wireless systems.

  • Josh Bobrowsky

    CEO of Ignitia

    Over 15 years experience successfully founding and running businesses. Josh Bobrowsky CoFounder & CEO of

    Michelle Tran

    Founder of NYC Fintech Women

    1300+ organization focused on elevating and building a community of exceptional women fintech leaders.

    Matt Melbourne

    Business Development Lead, Republic

    Republic––an investment platform for startups to raise capital and for everyone to invest in

    Mitchell Joachim

    Co-Founder, Terreform ONE Assoc. Prof of Practice NYU

    Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D., is Co-Founder of Terreform ONE and Associate Professor of Practice at

    Amy Chen

    Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at NYC Media Lab

    Amy Chen is Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at NYC Media Lab where she focuses

    Jesse Kirshbaum

    CEO at NUE Agency

    Jesse Kirshbaum has been in the trenches of the music business for over a

    Omid Malekan

    Author, The Story of the Blockchain

    Omid Malekan is a blockchain innovation expert and the Explainer-in-Chief of this nascent technology.

    Ricky Stephens

    Founder of AgTech X

    AgTech X, a community platform for education and entrepreneurship within Sustainable Food & Agriculture.

    Claude Arnell Milhouse

    Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur

    HackPVD, co-organized by Milhouse and Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza’s administration

    Miram Erahim

    Founder and CEO of Common Connect

    Common Connect, an app that lets you connect with people based on proximity careers

    Dazza Greenwood

    Founder,, a boutique provider of professional consultancy services for digital business and trust networks.

    Jesse Grushack

    Co-founder of Ujo Music

    Ujo Music is an Ethereum based, ConsenSys backed music software services company for the

    Rachel Haot

    Executive Director of the Transit Innovation Partnership

    Transit Innovation Partnership, a public-private collaboration to transform New York’s public transit system

    Beth McCarthy

    Design Strategist and Systems Theoris

    She leads Design & Research at global blockchain collective Starfish Network, and property-sharing startup

    Lloyd J. Cambridge

    founder of Progress Playbook

    Progress Playbook, the learning platform that designs customized learning experiences that equip entrepreneurs to build

    Sean Merriweather

    VP of Product Marketing Publicis Media

    A dedicated advertising and marketing executive and advocate of cross-platform and emerging

    Joe Lallouz

    CEO, Bison Trails

    Joe is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in New York City. He is

    Chris Remus

    Founder, Chainflow

    Chris is an active Livepeer Transcoder and original member of the Cosmos Validator Working

    Tiffany Townsend

    Vice President at External Affairs

    Tiffany Townsend brings more than 15 years’ experience working across media, community relations, culture,

    Elizabeth Thys

    Operations Partner at Blockstack

    Elizabeth Thys is an Operations Partner at Blockstack, where she works on Finance, Investor

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