First ever Blockchain for Peace Hackathon

What you missed at the first ever Blockchain for Peace hackathon. When was the last time you heard of average people taking time out of their weekend to talk about peace and blockchain? NEVER! This weekend’s Blockchain for Peace hackathon was a revolutionary turning point in

ERA Educates NYC Entrepreneurs On Growth

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA), a pillar in the NYC’s startup ecosystem, held their open door accelerator information event @AWSloft. Over 100 budding entrepreneurs were eager to catch the eyes of ERA’s leadership team and become the accelerator’s next success story. Like Silicon Valley, this

NYC Media Lab’s Sports, Media and Tech conf 18

Sports, Media and Tech conference hosted by @NYCMediaLab held @YahooNYC. Here is what I gathered about the current opportunities in the Sports Tech space. The atmosphere was electric, Yahoo NYC’s cafeteria was filled with sports enthusiasts, tech generalists and a few skeptics turned believers. Over

Nooklyn Celebrates Growth in Brooklyn

The Nooklyn team at The Freehold celebrated the expansion of their Brooklyn office. The atmosphere was great, this event attracted professionals from a myriad of backgrounds that were able to easily connect with each other through their shared interests in real estate and tech. The Nooklyn